Calibration Business Division

Tempest shielded facilities

Comtest is well experienced in designing and installing Tempest shielded facilities for government, financial and military customers to protect classified information and control the radiation of electromagnetic signals.

Tempest shielded rooms

Comtest builds Tempest shielded facilities to prevent uncontrolled distribution of secure information. All electronic devices, including computers and computer screens, have an unintended amount of radiated electromagnetic emissions. Because these emissions can be intercepted and reconstructed into data, these emissions present a serious security risk. One possible (and cost-effective) solution to this problem is housing sensitive equipment and information in a Tempest shielded room. Comtest builds these shield rooms for government, military and financial institutions. Use our online contact forms to get in touch with our consultancy department for more information.

Tempest shielded facilities vs. Tempest shielded computer systems

Protecting sensitive data can also be achieved by using specially designed (Tempest) computer systems which comply with specifications such as SDIP standards. However, those Tempest computer systems are expensive and their product life time is as limited as that of any other computer system. That’s why it’s much more effective, especially for larger MER rooms with a series of computers, to consider installing a Tempest shielded room. In addition to being much cheaper, the use of a Tempest shielded room offers several advantages.

Key Specifications

  • Using Tempest shielded rooms to house computer systems enables you to use Commercial Of The Shelf equipment that is much cheaper
  • Replacing standard equipment housed in a Tempest shielded room will not need a system rack confirmation test against the Tempest standard specifications, as the Tempest shielded room itself full fills this specification
  • Cooling within a shielded MER room is easier than cooling individual Tempest qualified computer racks
  • It is easy to integrate a Tempest shielded room in the existing security access system. Using a SAS controlled entry system with two RF shielded doors in a sluice will avoid unwanted opening of the MER room

A Tempest facility certificate can be issued by an independent and certified institute.