Calibration Business Division

Public Safety Network Testing Solution

Automated testing saves time & money

Replace manual processes and ensure critical communications radio coverage with the PCTEL® Public Safety Network Testing Solution.

Our streamlined grid-based testing tool simultaneously tests signal quality on multiple P25, DMR, LTE/FirstNet, and UMTS networks, plus channel power for TETRA and other LMR or cellular technologies. The simple pass/fail grading and reporting system makes it easy to meet or enforce local building codes for Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC) and ensure coverage for life safety and business critical communications.

Verify and Document Critical Communications Coverage

Key Specifications

• Measure all frequencies
140-990 MHz
• P25 Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR), Frame and out-of-service Bit Error Rate (BER), Network ID (NID)
• 5-Year Warranty
• Grid test radio channel power
(any technology)
• Grid test P25 signal quality
• Indoor walk test
• Signal Analyzer
• Import floor plans from image
file or planning tools
• Android™ tablet
• Battery pack
• Back or side pack
• Walk test antennas
• Carrying case
• A/C charger