Calibration Business Division


19th May, 2020


3:00 PM, CEST




Keysight continues to build on Hewlett-Packard’s heritage of innovation in the space industry, which began with the Apollo program, to innovate for today’s agile, fast-paced, and vibrant New Space economy.

Space Talk” brings together space and satellite solutions team and a variety of experts to discuss new trends, challenges, and solutions. The series covers design and simulation, design optimization, system integration, channel emulation, antenna testing, industrialized production, environmental testing, and much more. We even look at 5G, quantum, and other applications as they move from terrestrial to non-terrestrial platforms.

Over the next several weeks (starting from May 5, up until June 9th), our Keysight experts will be covering a range of topics to help you optimize your design, test, and manufacturing processes. Join host Dr. Richard Soden and get the tools you need to ensure your satellite and its subsystems will work the first time, every time.

Get guidance on topics like:
·       Power systems
·       Satellite payloads
·       Microwave technologies
·       Wideband communications including 5G
·       And more
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