Calibration Business Division


Wednesday, May 27, 2020


8:30 KSA Time



Deep Dive into Electronic Warfare(EW) Threat Simulation Solutions

As the Electronic Warfare(EW) threat environment continues to evolve, confidence and reliability in EW system validation and verification is heavily dependent on the modernization and improvements of the test and evaluation process. Complex and diverse threats drive the need for EW systems to be capable of identifying and neutralizing radar threats accurately, and just as importantly, can respond with adaptive and cognitive countermeasures. The challenges of EW test and evaluation are increasing with high-fidelity complex emitters as there is a need to simulate and analyze high-density environments. The battle for dominance in the electromagnetic spectrum domain is a high priority for national defense and is driving the need for significant advancements in EW test and evaluation capabilities, methods, and solutions.

In all cases, the testing of today’s systems benefits from high‑performance test equipment — analog and vector signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector network analyzers and more. From simulations of an arriving wave front with multiple emitters to testing of precision components in a receiver, our solutions are ready for the complexity of EW test applications. In this virtual engagement, we will present & demonstrate how to overcome electronic warfare related challenges