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Automotive EMC Test Chambers

All vehicles and their on-board equipment need to comply with international EMC standards regarding radiated emissions and immunity. Since time-to-market is such an important factor, having a EMC facility at your disposal will decrease development lead times.

In-house EMC testing for Automotive component suppliers

Comtest supplies automotive test chambers according to the CISPR25 guidelines specifically for component testing. Its main purpose is to perform measurements of radio frequency emission or radiated immunity for vehicle on board equipment. If your company frequently tests the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of vehicle components, owning a specially made controlled test environment will greatly enhance the quality of your research or product. If you want to know more about EMC measurement possibilities in our CISPR25 chambers, please contact us and get in touch with our experienced consultants.

Automotive electromagnetic emissions and immunity standards

The international standards that govern the acceptable levels of electromagnetic compatibility in the automotive industry are developed by Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR), Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). The SAE standards are used mainly in North America, but these are often submitted to CISPR and ISO to function as international standards. Because most vehicles in today’s marketplace are sold internationally, corporate standards often match the ones used by governments around the world.

Key features of our CISPR25 chambers

Comtest CISPR25 chambers are semi anechoic chambers, tailored to perform EMC measurement using a testing workbench. The combination of the pan-type 2mm galvanized panel system and the polystyrene hybrid absorbers on the walls and ceiling eliminates unwanted electrical noise and complies with international emission standards for automotive testing. To achieve high shielding effectiveness requirements for EMC testing environments, Comtest developed various RF shielded doors with parallel closing system. Several features are:

  • Noise floor level as per CISPR25 requirements
  • Grounded EUT test table as per CISPR25 ed.4.0 design guidelines
  • Noiseless lights to meet the stringent requirements of CISPR25 noise floor level

Key Specifications

Applicable standards

All vehicles and their on-board equipment need to comply with international standards regarding radiated emissions and immunity. This requires EMC chambers that have been designed to test the following standards:

Emissions Immunity
CISPR12 / EN55012 ISO11452-2
CISPR25 SAE J1131 part 21

Typical performance of a Comtest component test chamber have a RF absorber return loss of 6dB minimum between 70MHz and 6GHz. Part of the chamber solution is a CISPR25 ed.4.0 compliant test table. Additionally, Comtest is able to supply custom CISPR chambers if your research requires a solution that complies with specific EMC protocols belonging to individual car manufacturers.