Calibration Business Division


Protection relay testing = ARTES

Compact, powerful relay test systems for carrying out highly complex tests with ease and precision. The test systems of the ARTES product line are used to carry out functional tests on all types of protection devices, including DT/IDMT relays, distance protection relays and differential protection relays, to ensure that they function correctly. More than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic relay test systems have gone into creating the fourth generation of ARTES test instruments.

Key Specifications

  • Highly precise, portable measuring system for functional tests on various types of protection equipment.
  • Four voltage and six current outputs allow three-phase tests on static and digital relays and on differential protection
  • Analog measurement inputs also make it possible to test and calibrate transducers.
  • The device can be operated and controlled either with a PC and the ARTES testing software or alternatively by
    means of the built-in control panel equipped with a high-resolution, resistive 3.5″ touch screen, function keys
    and a jog wheel.