Calibration Business Division


Circuit breaker testing = ACTAS

Portable and stationary test systems for performing fully automatic function tests on all types of switchgear devicesincluding the drive units of switch bays. ACTAS test systems provide precise information as to the condition of the chamber and drive unit without requiring them to be opened. The sheer number of parameters to be determined, the wide variety of different types of switchgear equipment in use and the harsh environmental conditions encountered during on-site tests place extreme demands on test equipment.

Key Specifications

System concept

32 bit real-time test system for carrying out functional tests on all types of switchgear.

Exact generation of simulated CLOSE and TRIP commands. Simultaneous, high-resolution recording of all decisive electrical and mechanical quantities with subsequent display and analysis on an external evaluation PC.

All test parameters such as command times, command sequences, record length and evaluation algorithms can be freely configured.

The result parameters obtained are automatically checked for limit value violation.