Calibration Business Division

8500 Low Thermal 10 Channel Scanner

Automation of measurements using the 8500 Low Thermal Scanner allows a completely automated measurement system to be realised. Using the 8500 Scanner together with ProGraph software and the 8000 series multimeter provides a turnkey solution for evaluating stability of voltage and resistance sources.

The 8500 can be used for scanning between voltage sources for automated intercomparison and stability measurements, as well as standard resistance comparisons, PRT probe measurements, even automating calibration of thermocouples against a 4 wire PRT probe in a temperature bath.

Key Specifications

  • 10 channels referenced to a single output on the rear of the unit
  • 4 terminal Kelvin switching (2 voltage, 2 current terminals)
  • 200V Maximum Voltage
  • 1A Maximum Current
  • <150nV Thermal EMF (Typical)
  • <0.2 Ohms Switch Resistance